I'm a Toronto-based photographer who hates writing, especially about herself. But, I love photography, and thank goodness for that!

When I'm not out with my camera, you'll find me sitting on my couch, snacking on some salami, editing and watching my favourite series on Netflix, Grey's Anatomy.

I am ready to see where my camera and I will travel this year, and the people we'll meet along the way.

meet HANA

make your day unforgettable

I prefer to be behind the lens but Hana made our session was super fun and got myself and my partner (he is impartial to having his photo taken) to loosen up! My 10 month old loved making eyes at her too, she even got him to crack a few smiles which is not an easy task when it comes to “strangers” and a camera.

Hana is definitely very professional and anyone can tell she loves what she does which makes the sessions all-around more enjoyable.


Hana worked as a second photographer for my south Asian reception. She was a delight to work with from start to finish. She is truly passionate about what she does and the collection she delivered to me was beautifully crafted.


Amazing is an understatement!

It was a pleasure to have our photos taken by someone who made us feel at home. Hana made sure my fiancé and I were comfortable at all times and gave clear and precise direction to help make the photo session run as smooth as possible. We had the photos in our hands within a week from the shoot and loved every one of them! The hard part is deciding which ones NOT to post! Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!


I can't rave enough about this business! My anniversary photos with my husband turned out better than I could have imagined!

HEZphotography did not disappoint. Hana is one of the best photographers I have come by- she has a great eye for creativity and is so easy to work with. I'm naturally awkward in front of the camera, but Hana was able to guide me through poses and was so personable. Thank you Hana, I'll be using your services again soon!


Working with Hana was one of the most pleasant and enjoyable experiences. I had met with multiple photographers but when I finally sat with Hana and explained my ideas she was so fast to grab the concept and run with it. She has an amazing eye for photography capturing moments and people in the truest, most candid ways. You can tell its a passion and an art more than anything else. She is super professional and just a pleasure to work with. My fiancé and I are definitely using her again for our engagement pics!! She will not disappoint!!


Kind Words

Photography by hana el zohiry